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A creative realisation engine located at the heart
of a global creative powerhouse, driven by the need
for always-on content in the new media age

Bringing ideas to life

Ideation &

The integration of H&O’s
digital, video, print & social
capabilities at the heart of the
agency, breaks down the costly
& time-consuming barriers
between creation & implemen-tation. Helping bring ideas to
life — and to market — with the
agility & efficiency Clients & their customers demand.

Integration &

H&O sits at the heart of the
agency intimately integrated
with the creative process.
Content Teams help execute
and extend the creative vision
across projects, campaigns &
platforms. Specialist talent craft
ideas into their most engaging
and shareable forms, for both
traditional and modern media.

& Technology

H&O’s intersection of creation
& execution skills with modern
implementation models simplifies
the complexity of bringing ideas
to life across platforms and
around the world. And our
Cloud-based workflow system
facilitates the smooth flow and
control of work between agency,
Client and markets.

& Skills

Being embedded in Ogilvy &
Mather means H&O has the
scope & skills to bring work to
market locally and globally. Our
translation & transcreation
expertise appropriately localises
central creative. And our
specialised production hubs
leverage right-sourcing models
to maximise Client’s ROI.

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